Hannah Quinlivan’s multi-disciplinary practice, incorporating installation, performance, printmaking, drawing, painting and sculpture, stems from a process of linkage, both literal and conceptual. Referencing previous gestures and forms while also reaching out to explore new territories, its evolving quality gives Quinlivan’s work an organic, living quality while creating an immersive experience for the viewer.

Hannah Quinlivan is a young artist who has found her own distinctive voice, one which unites the intimate and the personal with the public and universal. Her art is distinctive, intense and very memorable. Sasha Grishin, 2018

This 250pp full colour book, from 2011- 2018, provides an in-depth introduction to Hannah Quinlivan's extensive art practice.
Limited edition of 150, full colour, printed on satin art paper and PUR bound. Each book to be signed and editioned by the artist. SOLD OUT

Since graduating from her Masters Degree at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2011 Albury-based artist Jo Davenport has rapidly established herself as one of Australia's finest abstract painters. This 100pp full colour monograph spans the last 7 years of Davenport's practice and celebrates the evolution of her painterly engagement with the landscape of the Hume Region. Featuring a selection of glorious works from past exhibitions and accompanying catalogue essays, this monograph will be a collector's item for anyone who has found themselves entranced by this artist's evocative images. Limited edition of 100, full colour, printed on 300gsm satin art paper and PUR bound. Each book signed and editioned by the artist. SOLD OUT
Celebrating the practice of this acclaimed landscape painter, this 150pp full colour book spans two decades of Kathryn Ryan’s art practice and offers both collectors and admirers of her practice the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the evolution and motivations behind her serene images. Including selected essays, reviews and statements by the artist, as well as a comprehensive survey of past works, this monograph is a timely celebration of a quietly driven artist.   
Limited edition of 100, full colour, printed on satin art paper and PUR bound. Each book signed and editioned by the artist. SOLD OUT



This comprehensive 100pp full colour publication highlights key events from Australian / American artist Melinda Schawel’s continuing art career. Focusing in on the last 10 years of Schawel’s 20 plus years of practice, the book explores the nuanced and evolving experimentation of her printmaking processes, her love of materials and surfaces, and her creative drive to find the optimum point where ideas, technique and media come together. Including select essays, reviews and artist’s statements, along-side beautifully detailed images of her work and inspiration, this monograph offers a clear insight into this artist’s intuitive and tactile practice. Limited edition of 100, full colour, printed on satin art paper and PUR bound. Each book signed and editioned by the artist. SOLD OUT
104pp artist monograph on the art practice of FLG's Richard Blackwell. From 2009 until 2018. Limited edition of 100, full colour, printed on satin art paper and PUR bound. This is the first in a series of artist monographs published by FLG.
Each book is signed & editioned by the artist. Available at FLG $30 plus GST

Award-winning author & energetic advocate for emerging artists, Mark Henshaw, introduced me to the young graduate Richard Blackwell’s practice in 2009. I was immediately intrigued by Richard’s clever use of various materials & his analysis of the relationship between technology, pop culture, ideology and the built environment. I scheduled his first solo at FLG in 2010. The excitement with which he approached his burgeoning practice was contagious as he was literally overflowing with ideas he wished to pursue. All five of his solo exhibitions with FLG have explored new territories, both conceptually and via his experiments with unusual materials. The oftenplayful nature of his artwork, married with a conceptual maturity, has led to a broad and varied, yet approachable art practice which, in exploring the commonalities across technologies and architectures, has bridged cultures. I invite you to enter the rich alternate multiverses of Richard Blackwell & join him in exploring the shifts between reality & the virtual, art & object, technology& the hand-made.Claire Harris, Director FLG