Exhibitions Calendar


Story Tellers
Internationally Curated Exhibition Story Tellers 31st March 2020 - 24th April 2020
VIRTUAL TOUR SPECIAL NOTICE: FLG’s priority is to protect and safeguard our visitors and staff and as such we have taken the precautionary measure to close the physical Gallery to support wider efforts to contain COVID–19 in our community. We are still working full-time from home and...
Metro Tunnel Public Artwork
Jacob Leary Metro Tunnel Public Artwork 31st October 2019 - 30th April 2020
In collaboration with the Metro Tunnel Creative Program, FLG and Jacob Leary have brought Leary's incredibly striking artworks to one of Melbourne's busiest streets. As passersby traverse the corner of Flinders Lane and Swanston Street, they are now met with Leary's glistening, sparkly portraits,...


Landscapes of Time & Memory
Kathryn Ryan Landscapes of Time & Memory 28th April 2020 - 23rd May 2020
Driven by a desire to express something of the deeper, intimate experience that the landscape can offer, Kathryn Ryan’s painterly interpretations of nature move beyond the merely representational. This awareness can be keenly observed in the many layers of paint and glaze meticulously developed...
Exploration 20
Exploration 20 26th May 2020 - 13th June 2020
FLG will once again present our highly anticipated annual showcase of emerging and unsigned artists. Exploration was created to provide a platform for emerging artists to successfully exhibit their art within a commercial gallery context. Now in its 20th year, this tightly curated exhibition will...
Richard Blackwell - Solo Exhibition
Richard Blackwell - Solo Exhibition 16th June 2020 - 11th July 2020
Interested in the design, materiality and reception of the built environment, Richard Blackwell’s interdisciplinary practice embraces sculpture, print media and digital fabrication to articulate the multiplicitous nature of encountering reality, from both an individual experience and from a more...
Full Circle
Dion Horstmans Full Circle 16th June 2020 - 11th July 2020
Informed by the stylistic principles of geometric abstraction and the bold graphic quality of his Pacific Islander heritage, Dion Horstmans’ multi-dimensional wall sculptures gesture toward a love of the energetic and dynamic. Concerned with creating new volume and momentum with line, light and...
Kathrin Longhurst - Solo Exhibition
Kathrin Longhurst - Solo Exhibition 15th July 2020 - 8th August 2020
Borne out of her own experience of overcoming suppression and adversity, Kathrin Longhurst feels a strong desire to turn dark and difficult experiences into something powerful and positive. Growing up in former East Germany and with feelings of displacement and insecurity upon moving to the West,...