I'VE MADE A DECISION! The next steps:
  • If you don't want to purchase using the Ecommerce facility then please do call us on 0403225386 or email and let us know which artwork you'd like to make your own.
  • We will organise the invoice and facilitate the easiest payment method for you. (Direct deposit, credit card over the phone, payment instalments.)
  • We can arrange delivery and installation whenever needed with our trusted industry contacts. 
  • All artworks are packaged safely for travel and are fully insured with us door to door.
  • We will provide you with all paperwork and information on the artist for provenance and insurance purposes.
       I NEED SOME HELP! The next steps:
  • We're here to help!  If you have any further questions about an artwork, or would like some advice please call or email us.
  • We are happy to send you high resolution images and in-situ photos or artworks if needed. We can skype/video call by appointment with you too so you can see the artwork up close and personal if you can't make it into the gallery.
  • We can offer professional curatorial advice about artworks best suited for your home or business or if you'd like to begin or expand an existing collection.
  • We love to find the right artworks for your space and make your home a home you love to live in!
       See the artwork in place, digitally!
  • This is one of our most popular services! We are able to digitally place an artwork to scale on the wall of your home, allowing you to quickly and easily see how an artwork can enliven and enrich your space.
    By emailing through an image of your desired wall or living area, and by providing us with the measurements of the wall, we will virtually place the artwork to scale, ensuring you are confident in your decision to buy the right artwork.

We can process your credit card details easily and quickly, however please do call us (+613 9654 3332) with your information - do not send it via email. We accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
We also accept cheques or payment by direct deposit into the gallery account. We provide international clients with a SWIFT code to make this a simple process. 
PLEASE NOTE: Our artists have worked hard at their practice and have attained a quality and demand for their artwork which is reflected in their pricing. We do not accept offers on artworks, nor do we discount works.

We offer an in-gallery layby scheme which requires a 25% deposit, and then 3 more payments of 25% of purchase price every month for three months. We ask that you set up a direct deposit payment in your bank for the three subsequent months making sure to reference your invoice number with the payment. 
We may be able to extend the payment period to 6 months for selected larger purchases - please contact the Gallery Director to discuss.



Art Money makes owning art immediate and affordable. Interest free loans are available for artworks priced from $500 to $100,000. After paying a 10% deposit, you can take your artwork home and then pay the remaining balance over 9 months interest free. 
Apply online for instant approval, take your art home and pay for it later. 

Artmoney application: You will need to register with Artmoney and make sure you have a spending limit that incorporates the artwork purchase. Once this is resolved you can contact FLG to arrange the purchase of the artwork* 
We will email you through your invoice with payment options. You need to pay the minimum of 10% of the artwork price to FLG but can pay more if you wish. Then you will need to register the sale in your new Artbank account. Artbank will then email FLG notification and we can fill in the rest of the Artmoney application. 
*Please note: There are exceptions to the use of Artmoney including artworks from aboriginal communities, and some contemporary FLG artists. The approval for the use of Artmoney for an artwork is at the Gallery's discretion.

. For more information about applying for an Art Money loan visit


When purchasing an artwork you will also receive an official receipt of purchase, an artist statement and biography, the artist's curriculum vitae and material from that artist's exhibition if you have purchased a work from a current show. If you purchase a work by one of the Indigenous Artists that we represent their artwork also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from their Community depicting an image of the artwork, the story of the Dreaming that they have illustrated. This certificate is stamped and signed by a member of the Arts Centre for which they are affiliated.
Please retain this paperwork as these documents form the Provenance of the artwork, proving that the artwork was bought by you from our gallery, with the full artwork and artist details. 
Sometimes it's hard to envisage exactly what an artwork will look like at home while you are viewing it in the gallery space. We offer an out on approval service that allows you to take an artwork home overnight or for the weekend, to gain a feel for the work within your home and discuss it with members of your family. There is no obligation to buy, however delivery charges apply. The standard delivery charge is $90 each way, and of course if you choose to purchase the artwork then it remains in your possession. Please call the gallery to discuss this option further.
All artworks are packed with great care and safely freighted both within Australia and overseas. Our gallery’s complimentary insurance covers all artworks from the moment they leave the gallery until they reach your front door wherever in the world they may be travelling to. If you reside in Melbourne, we can also arrange for your artwork to be professionally installed for you. Local costs are $80 +GST per hour. We also have contacts for art installers in Sydney that we'd be happy to pass on to our Sydney-based clients.

National: Melbourne $100; Sydney $230 - 280; Brisbane $300 - 380; Adelaide $230 - 280; Perth $400 and upwards
International: USA $500; UK $550; SINGAPORE $450; PARIS $600; HONG KONG $430 (International shipments are facilitated through DHL, and artworks are fully insured.)
Please note that for international freight it is usually possible for us to remove a canvas or linen artwork from the stretcher and roll it, thus reducing freight costs substantially.

We are happy to provide you with a custom freight quote to suit your needs.


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