Exhibitions Peter Syndicas Origins 3rd November 2021 - 27th November 2021

Studley Figure
Peter Syndicas
Studley Figure 2021
polished woven and welded mild steel (wall hanging)
80cm x 170cm x 19cm in artist's studio
Peter Syndicas
Fairfield 2019
Polished bronze on a granite base
98cm x 73cm x 6cm, edition of 8, in artist's studio
Bronze Venus
Peter Syndicas
Bronze Venus 2021
bronze on granite base, edition 1 of 10
47cm x 24cm x 17cm in artist's studio
Peter Syndicas
Escape 2009
painted matte black bronze
144cm x 41cm x 21cm
edition of 10 in artist's studio
Peter Syndicas
Perseverance 2021
Bronze on Patinated Bronze Base
95cm x 40cm x 11cm
edition 1 of 10, in artist's studio
Strawberry Fields
Peter Syndicas
Strawberry Fields 2014
polished bronze on patinated bronze base
112cm x 52cm x 20cm
edition of 10
Peter Syndicas
Montauk 2009
polished bronze on patinated bronze base
114cm x 44cm x 23cm edition 4 of 4
On exhibition at the Pleysier Perkins Art Space
Free Spirit
Peter Syndicas
Free Spirit 2021
Bronze On Patinated Bronze Base
98cm x 30cm x 12cm
edition 1 of 10 in artist's studio
Study of Venus
Peter Syndicas
Study of Venus 2021
Patinated Bronze, edition of 10
22cm x 14cm x 4cm