2017 has been a wonderfully busy and successful year for FLG and our incredible artists. Read about all of their achievements and revisit gallery events! We look forward to sharing another great year with our collectors, friends and supporters in 2018.

  • Kathrin Longhurst: Winner of the People's Choice 2017 Portia Geach Award

    We are pleased to announce that FLG  Kathrin Longhurst has won the People's Choice Prize for the 2017 Portia Geach exhibition.

  • GINA KALABISHIS: WINNER OF THE Eutick Memorial Still Life Award

    A huge congratulations to FLG artist Gina Kalabishis who has been announced as the Winner of the 2017 Eutick Memorial Still Life Award for her beautiful painting Passing Pulpit Rock Distant Sky (after Nick Cave & Else Torp).

  • Dagmar Cyrulla: Finalist Korean Art Prize

    The very talented Dagmar Cyrulla has just been announced as a finalist in the 2017 Korean Art Prize with her piece 'The Continued Story'. We wish her the best of luck.

  • 17 Reasons to Buy Art

    Why do you buy art? We asked our supporters and friends and gathered these varied and interesting responses. From 'Setting the Mood', to 'Gifts of Love', to collecting for the sheer pleasure of it. The reasons are diverse, but at the core is a love of art. What reasons do you have for buying art?

  • Hannah Quinlivan: Finalist 2017 Churchie Emerging Art Prize

    The very talented Hannah Quinlivan has been announced as one of the 30 finalists for 'the churchie' 2017. A national art prize, the overall winner will be rewarded with a $15,000 non-acquisitive cash prize sponsored by Brand + Slater. The QUT Art Museum exhibition runs from 11 November - 17 December.