Take an immersive, self-guided journey through the streets, laneways, heritage buildings and local businesses of Flinders Quarter as a collection of new and existing art is brought to life with augmented reality (AR).

Jacob Leary Artwork
Stuff in Nature, Nature in Stuff 2018
digital print
100cm x 100cm unframed, ed of 5
$1,500 AUD

The Flinders Quarter Augmented Art Walk will celebrate the rich history, modern day life and exciting future of this vibrant precinct in the heart of Melbourne.

Encompassing a diverse collection of artworks over multiple sites, the Flinders Quarter Augmented Art Walk will feature works by celebrated Australian artists including Vexta, The Huxleys, Adele Varcoe, Alex Mitchell, Chelsea Gustafsson, Jacob Leary and Sutu (Stu Campbell). Each of the featured artworks will come to life through digital animation and sound on mobile devices via the Eyejack app (free to download for iPhones and Android).

Copies of the Flinders Quarter Augmented Art Walk map (designed by Flinders Quarter-based animation artist, Isobel Knowles) can be picked up at participating Flinders Quarter businesses and Metro Tunnel HQ (125-133 Swanston Street).

The Augmented Art Walk is a business support initiative presented by the Metro Tunnel Project, who are undertaking Melbourne's biggest rail project since the City Loop was built in the 1970s. Melbourne will be home to five stunning new landmarks when the five underground stations for the Metro Tunnel open in 2025. Specific to the Flinders Quarter is the new Town Hall Station.

Dates and times

14/08/2019 to 14/09/2019

Mon: all day
Tue: all day
Wed: all day
Thu: all day
Fri: all day
Sat: all day
Sun: all day

Artwork within stores is available to view during normal trading hours.



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