Exhibitions Art Aid Gippsland 2020 Gippsland Bushfire Appeal Exhibition & Auction 15th February 2020 - 15th March 2020

Melinda Schawel
Enshrouded 2019
ink & pencil on torn and perforated paper
75cm x 105cm framed 90 x 120cm
I Wish I Was The Moon
Gina Kalabishis
I Wish I Was The Moon 2016
oil on linen
125cm x 87cm RESERVE PRICE $2000
Amberrose Hulme
Resolve 2017
pastel on paper
76cm x 56cm , framed RESERVE PRICE $800
Chelsea Gustafsson
Hammerhead 2020
oil on board
40cm x 50cm
Water's Edge 2
Naomi White
Water's Edge 2 2020
gouache on paper
7cm x 20cm framed 21 x 33cm RESERVE PRICE $400
Abstract in Green
Christine Willcocks
Abstract in Green 2019
found fabrics and high vis tape
76cm x 164cm RESERVE PRICE $100
Canyon Wall
Annika Romeyn
Canyon Wall 2013
lithograph, edition 6/15
38cm x 51cm RESERVE PRICE $75
Casio Trips
Michael Gromm
Casio Trips 2019
oil & acrylic on canvas
76cm x 66cm RESERVE PRICE $600
Lightness Of Being
Jon Eiseman
Lightness Of Being 2014
C-Type photograph, unframed. In collaboration with Anne Conron
100cm x 67cm ed of 5, RESERVE $500
Loss & Renewal
Michelle Molinari
Loss & Renewal 2020
oil on panel, resin cast enamel frame
60cm x 70cm estimate $3200 Bidding from $600