Epiphany 2021
Flinders Ranges Marble
33cm x 19cm x 9cm
$3,400 AUD
Study of Venus
Study of Venus 2021
Patinated Bronze
22cm x 14cm x 4cm
$2,500 AUD
Small Step
Small Step 2021
Patinated Bronze
12cm x 15cm
$800 AUD
Fairfield 2019
Polished bronze on a granite base
98cm x 73cm x 6cm, series of 8
$5,500 AUD
Kew 2018
polished bronze
87cm x 40cm x 18cm, edition of 10 In Artist's studio
$2,900 AUD
Striving for Imperfection
Striving for Imperfection 2019
polished bronze on dark granite base
30cm x 30cm x 6cm, Ed of 10
$3,000 AUD
David 2019
Patinated bronze on granite base
19cm x 15cm x 7cm, series of 10
$1,900 AUD
Winds of Change
Winds of Change 2019
Gold plated bronze on granite base
40cm x 21cm series of 10, in artist's studio
$3,300 AUD
Matador 2019
Gold plated bronze on stone base
28cm x 19cm series of 10, in artist's studio
$3,300 AUD
Yin 2019
Woven and welded mild steel IN ARTIST'S STUDIO
104cm x 144cm wall hanging 6.5kg
$3,300 AUD
Lone Ranges
Lone Ranges 2019
Mild steel & rock IN ARTIST'S STUDIO
135cm x 40cm
$2,800 AUD