Exploration 24 Exploration 24 16th July 2024 - 3rd August 2024

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Sid Pattni, A fly in the milk III 2024, oil, synthetic polymer on canvas, 76cm x 61cm
Sid Pattni, A fly in the milk III is being exhibited in Exploration 24
Artwork will be shipped at conclusion of exhibition.
Artist statement: The work is informed by Company Paintings such as those included in the Albums of Antoine Louis Henri Polier, who entered the service of the British East India Company as a surveyor in 1757. He became wealthy from his commissions for court buildings as well as from private trading. Polier began his collection with a gift of three albums given to him in 1767, which inspired him to assemble further albums including scenes of Indian life that were created to satisfy a Western Taste. Through this coercion, local Indian creators’ creativity became a pale imitation. I seek to reclaim the art form’s cultural significance by reimagining these works and inserting archival images from my own family history. The resulting images are an exploration of identity, assimilation and an exercise on decolonial resistance.
Artwork In Situ

Artwork to scale in-situ on 3.7m wall