Exploration 24 Exploration 24 16th July 2024 - 3rd August 2024

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Kate Stehr, Bush Telegraph IV 2024, timber fibre and antique inkwell, 36cm x 21cm x 8cm
Kate Stehr, Bush Telegraph IV is being exhibited in Exploration 24
Artwork will be shipped at conclusion of exhibition.
Artist statement: The ‘Bush Telegraph’ series was created in reference to the Australian country term for the informal network that spreads news and gossip through a region of rural or outback Australia. These works extend on from previous ‘Scribing Tools’ series, in that they evoke ideas of writing tools, in both the disjointed brush stoppers and of course the inkwells themselves. The works utilise antique ceramic inkwells, which were the initial impetus behind the works. Many of the inkwells in this series were found during my travels through rural and remote NSW.

The pieces are deliberately absurd in their functionality, thwarting their intended use as brushes or styluses to be used. I imagine the marks they would make when used as chaotic, scrawled and free-flowing.

Artwork to scale in-situ on 3.7m wall