Exploration 24 Exploration 24 16th July 2024 - 3rd August 2024

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Jo Mellor, Rusted detritus. Wilyakali Country 2024, Digital textile print on linen, hand sewn with embroidered cotton thread and embellished with glass beads, 77cm x 77cm x 5cm, framed in Tasmanian oak
Jo Mellor, Rusted detritus. Wilyakali Country is being exhibited in Exploration 24
Artwork will be shipped at conclusion of exhibition.
Artist statement: Jo Mellor creates fractal landscapes. She digitally enhances photographs of rust that are printed onto sustainable linen fabrics which are then embroidered and hand stitched. Her textile artworks are a response to the Broken Hill cobalt mine in Broken Hill, Wilyakali country.

Attracted to the healing properties of the stitch, Mellor engages in this careful and time-consuming process to reimagine the mining landscape with organic tracking of the crusts and layered patina of the rust. Adding to the incidental and organic growth that inevitably overcomes the mined earth, the embellished lines dance across the textile work’s surface. Scale becomes elusive – we see at once within the textile artwork, vast topographical mappings, as well as microbial universes. Either way, there is considered care and nurturing, a salve for the gaping scabs of the earth’s surface in the labour. The intense cobalt blue of the digitally printed fabrics is, of course, a poetic homage to the mine site. Cobalt, in its mined state isn’t blue, but a dull grey – extracted and manipulated for its magnetic properties. By presenting the alchemic colour of cobalt, Mellor plays with the meaning and symbolism of this precious colour – allowing us to imagine a bejewelled richness that may one day override this scarred and sacred landscape.
Artwork In Situ

Artwork to scale in-situ on 3.7m wall