Exploration 24 Exploration 24 16th July 2024 - 3rd August 2024

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J9 Stanton, Shrouded Time 2024, acrylic paint on aluminium mesh, 190cm x 125cm x 5cm
J9 Stanton, Shrouded Time is being exhibited in Exploration 24
Artwork will be shipped at conclusion of exhibition.
Artist statement: This work is part of a broader body of work that examines the many and varied colours of the East Macdonell Ranges as they are affected by seasons and weather.

Living at the foothill of these ranges in Central Australia, I draw inspiration from the natural landscape that envelop me. It offers a profound connection to some of the earliest formations on earth and form a bridge between the ancient and the contemporary.

I primarily use aluminium mesh recovered from the local metal recyclers. Seemingly at the end of its functionality, I offer it new life, reinvigorating it with various coats of acrylic paint chosen to reflect the moody pastels of the mountains when covered in clouds.

The mesh is bent, folded, cut, and rejoined in a way that mirrors the natural processes that have shaped these ranges over millennia. On the other hand, cutting and rejoining with staples is a distinctly human action. These processes symbolize the convergence of old and new, the natural and the man made and come together to create something altogether new.

By extending the life of industrial remnants, using them to create abstract depictions of ancient geological landscapes, my work addresses notions of deep time, juxtaposed with issues of sustainability, the impacts of Industrial Revolution and colonization, in an attempt to highlight how these forces have shaped our present.

Most days I walk with my dog up through the hills of the ranges. Scrambling up and over crumbling granite and sandstone, these ancient rocks contain billions of cracks, each one a testament to the passage of time. I often imagine what it would be like if, instead of being full of darkness, there was light illuminating from within these cracks, shrouding the landscape in an ethereal glow that could reveal the hidden stories held within these stones.
Artwork In Situ

Artwork to scale in-situ on 3.7m wall