Exploration 24 Exploration 24 16th July 2024 - 3rd August 2024

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Bronwyn Kidd, Sea Lion Sisters, Untitled 10 2024, Fuji Crystal Archival lustre Chromogenic Print, 60cm x 79cm , framed, ed. 1 of 6 and 2 AP
Bronwyn Kidd, Sea Lion Sisters, Untitled 10 is being exhibited in Exploration 24
Artwork will be shipped at conclusion of exhibition.
Unframed editions available $4,800

Sea Lion Sisters delves into essential womanhood to bring to the surface those profound strands of connection and interdependence between women, particularly sisters, as expressed through corporeal delight. Drawing on Luce Irigaray’s insight that "woman is neither open nor closed. She is indefinite, in-finite, form is never complete in her," this project makes visible the dynamic, ever-evolving nature of female relationships.

Inspired by Irigaray’s essay on mother-daughter relationships, which she describes as "essential in the history of women’s culture," Sea Lion Sisters illuminates the profound bonds and shared experiences that shape women's lives. In threaded journeys sisters trustingly share mysteries, strength, and vulnerability to navigate the complexities of life together.

Sea Lion Sisters reconnects me with the essence of photography and the joy of creating with my hands, celebrating the interdependence and strength of women. Through this project, I return to the ecstatic, often agonising adventure of photography.
Artwork In Situ

Artwork to scale in-situ on 3.7m wall