There are a number of studies that have demonstrated the link between art in the workplace and an increase in staff productivity, reduction of stress, increase in creativity and learning.

The results of a Harvard study showed that respondents believe there are five main ways they are impacted by the art in their workplace:

1. the art promotes social interactions

2. elicits emotional responses

3. facilitates personal connection-making

4. generally enhances the workplace environment

5. fosters learning

Artwork right by Agneta Ekholm

Research by Exeter University’s School of Psychology found that employees who have control over the design and layout of their workspace are not only happier and healthier -- they’re also more productive.  This study found that people working in enriched spaces decorated with art were 17% more productive than those in lean spaces.

IMAGE LEFT: By working alongside the team at SJB Architects we installed a number of artworks that enhanced their workplace, adding interest and vitality to their working environment.

These two artworks on the left are intricate mechanical drawings by Jay Kochel which are also viewable through a free Augmented Reality app. A unique and enjoyable talking point in SJB's waiting room.

So remember to involve your team in the re-invigoration of their office. The need to have a say is an essential element in the success of the incorporation of the art and sense of belonging and corresponding increased productivity. Talk with us to develop a better idea of what is required with consideration of your company's unique spatial constraints, cultural considerations, and organizational objectives.


1. Make a time to come and visit us and go through our stockroom. Call Claire on 96543332 or email

View online stockroom here

Bringing in the beauty, splendor, and restorative power of the arts is certainly worth the return you’ll see on your investment. 
Artworks right from the Warlukurlangu Community

OR 2. Make a time for us to come to visit your business and discuss the key areas requiring attention.

Artworks right by Jacob Leary

OR 3. Email through to us photos and measurements of your walls. Talk to your team about the kind of art they envision working with and let us curate some example scenarios for you.

Artworks right by Dan Lorrimer and Amber-Rose Hulme

"Akin to its proven rehabilitative influence in hospitals, art in the workplace has also been shown to benefit employee well-being and performance. This is significant, as the office can easily become a place of stress and tension, and people become cognitively exhausted after prolonged periods of highly-focused work. Viewing artwork, particularly realistic nature scenes, helps workers restore mental energy and reduce stress. Unsurprisingly, both of these effects boost brain performance. Seeing nature images in artwork has also been linked to lower levels of anger in workplaces. One in four American workers report feeling chronically angry, which has been linked to negative outcomes such as retaliatory behavior, interpersonal aggression, poor work performance, absenteeism, and increased turnover. People who work in environments decorated with aesthetically-engaging art typically experience less stress and anger in response to task-related frustration, and thus help to build a more collaborative and enjoyable workplace. "
"If creativity, innovation, and open conversations are elements of an organization’s purported culture, the placement of engaging artwork can help substantiate these values and make them visually available. "
Artworks above by Warlukurlangu   Artwork above by Hannah Quinlivan

Bright bold colours and contemporary pieces in waiting rooms and communal areas, calming flowing works in high stress meeting rooms, quirky and cheeky works add a sense of play and humour to an otherwise staid environment, unusual kinetic work or woven wall sculptures in large open foyers.

By portraying brand values and brand identity, art can work to enhance company culture or instil new cultural values; a sense of pride in where we work, an appreciation of the wider world in which we are living.
"Whether or not you agree that art can effect productivity in the workplace, what it certainly can achieve is a more aesthetically pleasing environment that will leave a positive lasting impression on employees and visitors alike. " read more.


Artwork above by Agneta Ekholm   Artworks above by Hannah Quinlivan
Artwork above by Dion Horstmans   Artwork above by Terri Brooks
Artwork above by Marise Maas   Artwork above by Marise Maas
Artwork above by Jo Davenport (photo courtesy of Anson Smart & Greg Natale Design)   Artwork above by Margaret Ackland
Artworks above by Kathrin Longhurst   Artwork above by Waldemar Kolbusz
Artworks above by Hannah Quinlivan (image courtesy of SJB Interiors, Melbourne)   Artwork above by Rebecca Hastings (image courtesy of SJB Interiors, Melbourne)
Artworks above by Jay Kochel (image courtesy of SJB Interiors, Melbourne)   Artwork above by Marise Maas (image courtesy of SJB Interiors, Melbourne)