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The Nature of Landscape
Jo Davenport The Nature of Landscape 25th September 2018 - 20th October 2018
  FLG is delighted to announce the release of Jo Davenport’s monograph. Since graduating from her Masters Degree at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2011 Albury-based artist Jo Davenport has rapidly establishing herself as one of Australia's finest abstract painters. This 100pp...


Skye Road
William Breen Skye Road 23rd October 2018 - 10th November 2018
Please join us & the artist for the opening celebrations on Saturday 27 October from 1-3pm. Taking in vistas that are expansive and sweeping, bathed in a diffused, atmospheric light, William Breen’s images transcend the banal, hectic truth of the world, to become something born of the...
The Eternal Youths
Rebecca Hastings The Eternal Youths 23rd October 2018 - 10th November 2018
This new series of work presents a hypothetical and metaphorical future; the world of the Posthuman. Here, the earth has been stripped of its foliage, and humans have become gods, genetically manipulated and ageless, and yet beholden to the omnipotent voice of our digital devices. These youths –...
Close to Home
Waldemar Kolbusz Close to Home 1st November 2018 - 30th November 2018
CLOSE TO HOME AN ONLINE ONLY EXHIBITION 'This series of small works are about big events. I usually work with large canvases that allow me distance, both physical and psychological, from my work. This time by restricting my size I’m narrowing my focus and searching for clarity and...
Hannah Quinlivan Turbulence 13th November 2018 - 1st December 2018
Artist Statement: Cross-currents, crossing borders. Lives flow like liquid, drifting on the wind, billowing, eddying and backtracking. What was smoothly sinuous is now turbulent in the tumult. In every wall a crack, a plume of hope in the dimness. Hannah Quinlivan’s multi-disciplinary...
A System For Sentiments
Jay Kochel A System For Sentiments 13th November 2018 - 1st December 2018
Jay Kochel was the recipient of the 2017 FLG Emerging Artist Award. This eagerly awaited solo exhibition is sponsored by FLG.   A System for Sentiments    Catalogue essay by Andrew Gaynor, 2018 Of the multitude of definitions that attempt to explain exactly what...
Janne Kearney Perception 4th December 2018 - 22nd December 2018
Predominately a figurative and portrait artist, Janne Kearney's paintings ask the viewer to disregard preconceived perceptions of people, society and at times reality. Each painting invites you to contemplate, reflect, and reminisce; they are profound, evocative and sometimes humorous. The works...