Exhibitions Calendar


The Peace of Wild Things
Kim Anderson The Peace of Wild Things 5th December 2023 - 22nd December 2023
VIRTUAL TOUR You are invited to join us and the artist on Saturday 9 December from 1pm to 3pm to celebrate this solo exhibition. RSVP Through intricately detailed drawing, Kim Anderson explores the inextricable link between humanity and the ecosystem, interweaving themes of...


Eye Candy
Janne Kearney Eye Candy 23rd January 2024 - 10th February 2024
Janne Kearney’s broad spectrum images offer a message of personal empowerment and sexual autonomy. In her current series Eye Candy the artist positions her subjects display their playful sexuality. By portraying her subjects as anything but passive, Kearney subverts the patriarchal gaze and in...
Slow Twisting in A Storm
Marise Maas Slow Twisting in A Storm 13th February 2024 - 2nd March 2024
The act of painting dominates the world of Marise Maas. As she pursues her need to capture beauty within the everyday, painting has for her become a form of daily meditation, helping to douse feelings of worry or concern through the act of paying attention to the ordinary things she encounters...
Women to the Front
Kathrin Longhurst Women to the Front 5th March 2024 - 27th March 2024
Women to the Front is an exploration of the multifaceted roles women play in society. Through oil and mixed media on linen, aclaimed Sydney artist Kathrin Longhurst weave together textured backgrounds and figurative paintings to create a narrative about women on the frontlines, their battles, and...