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Exploration 24
Exploration 24 Exploration 24 16th July 2024 - 3rd August 2024
FLG presents our highly anticipated annual showcase of emerging and unsigned artists. Exploration was created to provide a platform for emerging artists to successfully exhibit their art within a commercial gallery context. Now in its 24th year, this curated exhibition showcases the practices of...


Richard Blackwell Plural 6th August 2024 - 24th August 2024
Richard Blackwell continues his interdisciplinary pursuit of creating geometric abstractions that ride the trajectory of technology. Attempting to make the digital physical, and opening a lens into the infinite realities of the future, Blackwell is concurrently thinking about the definition of...
Chelsea Gustafsson Souvenirs 27th August 2024 - 21st September 2024
Gustafsson has always been interested in using her art to address issues of environmental damage, pollution, and consumerism. Through her playful juxtaposition of man-made objects and organic elements, her images highlight the uneasy coexistence between the two. This tension is a hallmark of her...
The Weight of Water
Bridget Hillebrand The Weight of Water 27th August 2024 - 21st September 2024
Winner of the 2023 Exploration Emerging Artist Award Join the preview list for this exhibition Bridget Hillebrand’s creative practice explores the deconstruction of the two-dimensional image plane and examines the materiality of physical and implied interruptions in constructed...
Sydney Contemporary
Sydney Contemporary 5th September 2024 - 8th September 2024
We are delighted to announce that FLG will be showing the work of Bronwyn Hill, Jacob Leary and Richard Blackwell as part of Sydney Contemporary 2024. Join the preview list here
Margaret Ackland Lifelines 24th September 2024 - 12th October 2024
Margaret Ackland’s large scale still life watercolours, featuring glassware, flowers, and tablecloths, have been imbued with a deeper, subtle meaning. Continuing in the vein of her past work, which explored the intersect of politics and domesticity, Ackland brings the political climate of both...
Nothing but Blue Skies
Jo Davenport Nothing but Blue Skies 15th October 2024 - 2nd November 2024
Jo Davenport’s beautifully gestural paintings speak of an intense relationship with nature and an intimate experience of the artist’s local environment. Her rich, painterly depictions represent the passing of time, the transience of the landscape and the ephemeral nature of memory...
Rebecca Hastings Feed 6th November 2024 - 30th November 2024
Rebecca Hastings goes down the rabbit hole, tapping into the fetishisation of the virtual world. Drawing on art history, her classically-rendered paintings merge uncanny tropes with contemporary iconography to convey otherworldly narratives. These ‘slow images’ – and the endless scroll in...
Stuart McLachlan Homebound 6th November 2024 - 30th November 2024
Regarded as one of the world’s premier paper sculptors, Sydney artist Stuart McLachlan presents his first solo with FLG. Talking to the decisions, sacrifices, work and consequences of keeping a roof over ones head Homebound explores the vanishing Australian dream of home ownership through a...