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Moments in Time
Julie Davidson Moments in Time 30th November 2021 - 18th December 2021
VIRTUAL TOUR The central concept in my still life paintings is that of 'the art of silence' and finding beauty in the 'small things'. My aim, to capture a moment in time, a fragile flower, leaf or fruit before its inevitable deterioration and ultimate decay. The emphasis on light exaggerates...
New Works on Paper
Marise Maas New Works on Paper 20th November 2021 - 18th December 2021
We are delighted to present this online exhibition of new works on paper by Marise Maas.  All the works are available for viewing at the gallery. Please call or email to make an appointment.  Excerpt from catalogue essay by Elli Walsh: Each composition is an intimate vignette,...


Out Bush: Warlu 2022
Out Bush: Warlu 2022 18th January 2022 - 5th February 2022
Please contact the gallery if you would like a preview for this exhibition.  FLG presents a selection of new works by artists from the Warlukurlangu Arts Community,situated in Yuendumu, North West of Alice Springs. Renowned for their spectacular use of colour and pattern, their art depicts...
Wanderlust 1st February 2022 - 26th February 2022
After Melbourne’s collective experience of ongoing lockdowns the concept of travel and connecting with nature was, for many, an elusive and unattainable wish. In this intimate group show FLG artists Michael Simms, William Breen, Hobie Porter and Melanie McCollin-Walker join guest artist Fiona...
The Other Side of the Mountain
Karlee Rawkins The Other Side of the Mountain 1st February 2022 - 26th February 2022
Karlee Rawkins creates a series of colourful and bold paintings in this exhibition exploring perception and change. The works depict extinct species of birds and animals in her confident and instinctive style, creating a wondrous realm and a reminder of the fleeting nature of...
Melbourne Art Fair 2022
Melbourne Art Fair 2022 17th February 2022 - 20th February 2022
FLG is delighted to be showcasing the practices of Bronwyn Hill, Michael Gromm, Hannah Quinlivan and Leah Thiessen as part of the 2022 Melbourne Art Fair. Please contact the gallery if you would like a preview for this exhibition.