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In Return
Annika Romeyn In Return 14th May 2024 - 1st June 2024
Centred on the experience of entering Old Mutawintji Gorge, this exhibition encapsulates Annika Romeyn’s response to camping in Mutawintji National Park on Barkindji and Malyangapa Country, as part of the 2022 Broken Hill City Art Gallery’s Open Cut Commission. Further works, completed after...


The Colour of Water
Ken Smith The Colour of Water 4th June 2024 - 22nd June 2024
The works in The Colour of Water present Ken Smith’s ongoing investigation into the properties of light and colour in the natural and constructed environment of the Mornington Peninsula, the region in which he resides. An exploration of the interface between land, sea, and air, these paintings...
The Long Neck Beauty: The Glorious Series
Ann Ryan The Long Neck Beauty: The Glorious Series 4th June 2024 - 22nd June 2024
Celebrating a rich and vibrant clash of colours, textures, patterns and cultures Melbourne artist Ann Ryan continues to transform discarded domestic textiles in her fantastical and poetically elaborate fabric collages. Carefully cut and hand stitched, her images are joyfully playful yet also affirm...
Peter Syndicas Lifeforms 25th June 2024 - 13th July 2024
Lifeforms brings together a retrospective of Adelaide sculptor Peter Syndicas’ practice dating back to 1997 when his figurative twig journey began. Showcasing some of his personal favourites, alongside some of the most popular and unique works from the last two decades within the context of newer...
Pijirrdi Warlalja: Strong Families
WARLUKURLANGU Group Exhibition Pijirrdi Warlalja: Strong Families 25th June 2024 - 13th July 2024
Pijirrdi Warlalja: Strong Families. Painting our Families Dreamings over Generations (Pijirrdi Warlalja: Yirrani karnalu nganyimpa walaljapatu kurlangu Jukurrpa nyurruwarnu) highlights some of the standout painters from Warlukurlangu, including 2023 NATSIAA General Painting category award winner...
Exploration 24
Exploration 24 Exploration 24 16th July 2024 - 3rd August 2024
FLG presents our highly anticipated annual showcase of emerging and unsigned artists. Exploration was created to provide a platform for emerging artists to successfully exhibit their art within a commercial gallery context. Now in its 24th year, this curated exhibition showcases the practices of...
Printmaking and Drawing
Richard Blackwell Printmaking and Drawing 6th August 2024 - 24th August 2024
Richard Blackwell continues his interdisciplinary pursuit of creating geometric abstractions that ride the trajectory of technology. Attempting to make the digital physical, and opening a lens into the infinite realities of the future, Blackwell is concurrently thinking about the definition of...
The Weight of Water
Bridget Hillebrand The Weight of Water 27th August 2024 - 21st September 2024
Winner of the 2023 Exploration Emerging Artist Award Through the act of folding, tearing, layering and stitching Bridget Hillebrand’s practice explores the deconstruction of the two-dimensional image plane and examines the materiality of physical and implied interruptions in constructed...
Chelsea Gustafsson Souvenirs 27th August 2024 - 21st September 2024
Gustafsson’s new collection of paintings expand on previous themes, symbolisms and meanings that have emerged and developed through her practice over time. Objects from earlier bodies of work overlap and coalesce - chairs, sharks and sculptural forms collide and merge with new elements, creating...
Sydney Contemporary
Sydney Contemporary 5th September 2024 - 8th September 2024
We are delighted to announce that FLG will be showing the work of Bronwyn Hill, Jacob Leary and Richard Blackwell as part of Sydney Contemporary 2024.
Margaret Ackland Lifelines 24th September 2024 - 12th October 2024
An orchid sent to Margaret Ackland by a dear friend miraculously re blossomed and has kept up a constant cycle of flowering ever since. The meandering stems and roots of this and other plant life remind us of the fragility and unexpected turns of life. Like a drawn line, the understated beauty of...