Exhibitions Calendar


Hannah Quinlivan Synecdoche 21st June 2016 - 16th July 2016
Arrhythmia from Hannah Quinlivan on Vimeo. Documentation of Quinlivan's breathtaking wire drawing performace staged over two evenings at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra in January 2016.   Arrhythmia || Interview from Hannah Quinlivan on Vimeo. Catalogue Essay for...
Michael Gromm disco.end.ever 21st June 2016 - 16th July 2016
How best to enter into a Michael Gromm painting? Perhaps via a fluid trail of bright canary yellow as it bleeds into a pool of aubergine blackness. Or, by following the seam of cool blue that tumbles headlong toward a cluster of brightly coloured geometric fragments. Try gliding over the sheets of...


Melinda Schawel Protected 19th July 2016 - 6th August 2016
In line with previous series in which I explore themes of vulnerability and the delicate balance between control & unpredictability, my latest body of work entitled Protected was inspired by a recent trip to the South Island of New Zealand where I came across the extraordinary handiwork of...
Caroline Rannersberger Illuminous 19th July 2016 - 6th August 2016
It must be difficult for visual artists who live in Tasmania to not be affected by the spectacular natural environment that surrounds them. Maybe it’s something in the air, or perhaps it’s carried on the wild roaring forties – westerly winds that travel around the globe at 40° south. There...
FUSE 9th August 2016 - 27th August 2016
The two dynamic meanings associated with the word fuse – bringing together and ignition – are captured perfectly in this bold and inclusive initiative from Flinders Lane Gallery. The team at FLG is proud to present an event featuring ten leading artists in conjunction with an array of...
Zac Koukoravas Supermodified 30th August 2016 - 17th September 2016
Melbourne-based artist Zac Koukoravas creates kaleidoscopic abstract paintings, sculptures and multimedia works. Colour and form play a key role in the aesthetics of his work featuring fragmented geometric arrangements. Koukoravas produces unique and meticulously-constructed pieces that are...
Belynda Henry Distance 30th August 2016 - 17th September 2016
It’s easy to feel like you’re falling into Central Coast artist Belynda Henry’s rolling landscapes; their dream-like colours and subtle layers draw the eye ever further like a horizon. Henry has been painting the hills and valley of her home, the lush Dooralong Valley, for more than a decade....
Naomi White Open 20th September 2016 - 8th October 2016
Award winning ealist painter Naomi White has been exhibiting since 2002 and has held numerous solo exhibitions around Australia. In 2015 she was awarded the Members' Choice $5,000 award at the Tattersalls Prize for Landscape painting. In 2014 she won first prize in the $18,000 Calleen Art Award, as...