Exhibitions Calendar


Agneta Ekholm Unfold 25th August 2015 - 19th September 2015
As non-objective abstraction celebrates its centenary, its offspring have become the ultimate shape-shifters embracing everything from the purity of all-white canvases through to vast webs of gestural paint, with many patterns and grids in between. It has been at the forefront of Modernist...
Complex Geographies
Sarah Amos Complex Geographies 25th August 2015 - 19th September 2015
Sarah Amos explores the generative nature of image making. Within the repeated and shifting forms of her prints and drawings the progressive and evolving function of a visual language can be observed. Like an architect’s blueprints or a traveller’s maps, Amos’ multilayered images...


Recent Landscape & Still Life Images
Ken Smith Recent Landscape & Still Life Images 23rd September 2015 - 10th October 2015
Through an intense scrutiny of the world around him, Rick Amor Drawing Award winner Ken Smith records with stunning precision his own formal arrangements set against the endless expanse of the sea and sky. These cool light suffused paintings allow for contemplation through their serenity and...
Waldemar Kolbusz Rudiment 13th October 2015 - 7th November 2015
Waldemar Kolbusz creates non-representational paintings that resound with vibrant colour and pulsate with a particular form of abstract energy. Through his gestural mark-making and energetic application of paint, Kolbusz generates an expressive sense of immediacy in his work. With dribbling lines,...
Julie Davidson Stillness 10th November 2015 - 28th November 2015
A graceful sense of harmony pervades Julie Davidson’s captivating, hyperreal still life paintings. Davidson has devoted herself to the genre of still life for a number of years, teasing out various expressive possibilities through her ever-changing arrangements. In this recent series of paintings...
Solo Exhibition
Kevin White Solo Exhibition 10th November 2015 - 28th November 2015
With an aesthetic sensibility deeply attuned toward East Asia, Kevin White’s ceramic vessels present an elegant physicality of form characteristic of oriental porcelain traditions. White’s sheared cone vessels echo a simplicity of line akin to Japanese ceremonial dotaku bells, and his fluent...
Solo Exhibition
Richard Blackwell Solo Exhibition 1st December 2015 - 19th December 2015
Referencing traditions in modern painting, Blackwell’s works are materially and spatially deceptive but also simple, bold and direct. His recent formal, steel ‘collages’ play with the use of geometric, architectonic illusions. ‘My current work exists in a contemporary context where virtual...
The Origins of Superflous
Jacob Leary The Origins of Superflous 1st December 2015 - 19th December 2015
Building up over time, the boundaries within these pictorial spaces are constructed then re-arranged as new visual territories. The patterned landscapes are created through an internal logic of growth, speed, and replication.  Existing as a form of cartography- Leary’s work merges fact and...