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Other Realities
Jon Eiseman Other Realities 15th July 2014 - 2nd August 2014
Please join us and the artist for the opening of this exhibition on Saturday 19 July 1 -3pm. This exhibition of recent sculptural work by Jon Eiseman and related photographic collaborations with Anne Conron, frequently employs the image of a solitary man, suitcase in hand, set upon a journey...
Nature Mort
Michelle Molinari Nature Mort 15th July 2014 - 2nd August 2014
Please join us and the artist for the opening of this exhibition on Saturday 19 July 1 - 3pm Michelle Molinari is a painter, printmaker and taxidermy artist whose work focuses on notions of death, memorialisation and observation. Creating her own taxidermy installations, she amalgamates...


William Breen Delicious 5th August 2014 - 23rd August 2014
The urban landscapes of William Breen transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Having deliberately removed any trace of human life, traffic or debris from his scenes, Breen turns the normally bustling streets of inner city Melbourne into dreamlike landscapes of uncanny quiet. Their stillness...
FLINDERS LANE GALLERY MELBOURNE ART FAIR 13th August 2014 - 17th August 2014
FLG will be presenting a tightly curated exhibition of select gallery artists all of whom are creating new works especially for this event. 
Melinda Schawel Traverse 26th August 2014 - 13th September 2014
Using traditional media in unconventional ways, papers collaged onto wood are sanded, ripped away, covered in ink washes, written on, and waxed. Schawel’s mixed media works are experimental iterations driven by a love of materials and surfaces and the search to find the optimum point where ideas,...
Brown and Bone
Terri Brooks Brown and Bone 26th August 2014 - 13th September 2014
Exploring the physicality of paint and surface textures, Terri Brooks formally investigates natural mark making. With a leanness of technique and an innate feeling for surface textures, Brooks utilises her materials to produce rich and complex works that speak of creating art out of something...
Celebrating 25 years
Anniversary Exhibition Celebrating 25 years 16th September 2014 - 4th October 2014
Twenty-five years and over 500 curated exhibitions later FLG is determined to celebrate this remarkable milestone with an exhibition that pays respect to the incredible city of Melbourne that has actively supported and nurtured our Australian artists for so long. Our represented artists have...
Miik Green Limbo 7th October 2014 - 25th October 2014
‘Limbo’ is a continuation of Green’s Xylem series, paintings that combine unlike materials that are sealed within layers of resin. Using mixed media on aluminium, Green creates translucent, colourful surfaces that seemingly capture movement in the momentary. Pigments, inks and resins are...
Never Real, Always True
Christophe Stibio Never Real, Always True 7th October 2014 - 25th October 2014
Having undertaken training with Chinese master painters, French born artist Christophe Stibio’s practice revolves around patience, control and an astute awareness of time. Stibio seeks to construct in his work a new topography of space. The resulting abstract forms and colours suggesting a...
Trying Not To Worry
Marise Maas Trying Not To Worry 28th October 2014 - 22nd November 2014
For 25 years painting has dominated the world of Marise Maas, as she continues in her chase to capture beauty within the ordinary. The act of painting for Maas has become her daily medication helping to douse feelings of worry or concern, as she filters and processes the many things that capture...
The Other Mother
Rebecca Hastings The Other Mother 25th November 2014 - 19th December 2014
Anxiety, uncertainty and guilt go hand in hand with the everyday banality of dealing with children. Whilst there are routines to be followed, play dates to be arranged and kid-friendly meals to be cooked, there lurks a menacing presence which threatens to disturb domestic harmony. The Other Mother...
To The Surface
Meg Cowell To The Surface 25th November 2014 - 19th December 2014
Cowell’s large-scale photographic works depict theatrical feminine costumes that have been arranged and illuminated whilst suspended in water. The garments are carefully selected and curated due to the sensory and emotional value that is evoked by colour and quality of the fabric. Also taken in...